Aiways U5 Review 2021: China’s Amazing 100% Electric SUV

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Aiways U5 is a newbie to the 100% electrical SUV sector. This is definitely incredible, the Chinese cars and truck market is broadening in Europe? Anyhow, that’s Aiways’ objective with its fantastic electrical SUV, the U5. At 4.68 meters (the size of a Peugeot 5008, for instance), low rate, and upgraded innovation, the Aiways U5 has numerous arguments to provide. What is it truly worth to be behind the wheel? Our reporter Juli├ín Marcos got in to make the very first contact.

Onboard this big electrical SUV from 42,000 euros with an advanced surface, the devices is really total. Whatever is digital (in some cases hyperbolic) and many of all the habitability is outstanding, particularly in the back. The products do not have quality, even if the devices are major.

Aiways U5 Electric Motor

With a leading speed of 150 km/h and Acceleration from 0– 100 km/h in 7.5 sec, the motor weighs 140 kilos, it has actually incorporated on the front axle, and, it is combined to a fast-charge battery pack of 63 kg water, Charging power will reduce considerably after 80% state-of-charge has actually been reached, which guarantees more than 400 km of autonomy variety in cycle WTP and 188 kWh/100 km effectiveness. At this level, the charging of the hatch lies on the calanque.

We simply press and we have a combination adapter, so that accepts as much as 90 kilowatts in the direct existing and approximately 6.6 km in rotating present at the level of the trunk. We have a great freight area of 432 liters.

Some drawbacks in this very first design vehicle SUV of the brand name offered here must be kept in mind, such as B, the handling without a particular subtlety. In general, nevertheless, this very first effort seems effective while you wait to learn more about Aiways U5 much better. The electrical automobile currently uses a really appealing cost point that will draw in more than one vehicle.

Incidentally, Aiways is preparing an electrical SUV, the U6ion, with the very same technical basis as the brand-new electrical SUV U5. The electrical Chinese market may get into Europe.


Acceleration 0– 100 km/h 7.5 sec
Top Speed * 150 km/h
Electric Range * 335 km
Total Power 150 kW (204 PS)
Total Torque 310 Nm
Drive Front
Aiways U5 Performance


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