EAC Whisper Electric Aircraft Concept

Whisper is a two-seater electrical copter with an eight-rotor electrical motor. Easy control, affordable upkeep, very little sound, security, and efficiency are a few of the functions of the Whisper, by Electric Aircraft Concept. EAC is now in the screening stage and prepares to start production in 2020, with a production capability of 10 airplanes.

The Whisper currently takes 30 minutes to fly and has a variety of around 50 kilometers. With the intro of brand-new battery innovations, this is anticipated to escalate. Over the previous 2 days, more test flights with technical model 2.0 have actually been carried out. The Whisper is a wonderful entertainer!

The airplane has an emergency situation parachute system and an electronic power management system that enables it to fly on 7 of its 8 motors.

A joystick allows user-friendly control: it is easy to fly thanks to its simpleness. The multirotor does not fly beyond its flight envelope. You can land securely in case of a single-engine failure, however it is likewise geared up with a parachute.


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