GTA Online: The Contract a brand-new DLC story with Dr. Dre

However, Rockstar Games has likewise ready something brand-new for Grand Theft Auto Online. Next week, a brand-new DLC story called “The Contract” will be launched, and an unique visitor is the famous rap artist and manufacturer Dr. Dre. Dre will go on an experience with Lamar Davis and Franklin Clinton.

GTA Online: The Contract
GTA Online: The Contract (source: Rockstar Games)

This likewise describes previous reports about Snoop Dogg and Dr. Drea associated to music in GTA video games, since that is precisely the style of this DLC. Particularly, the primary job of Lamar, Franklin and Drea is to discover Dr. Dre’s mobile phone which contains all his brand-new tunes. Specifically, after the occasions in GTA 5, Franklin established his own company that resolves the problems of numerous individuals celeb, and together with his pal Lamar he attempts to assist Dre.

As for the video gaming experience itself, gamers will have the ability to stroll the streets of the old Franklin area, participate in numerous suspicious celebrations and fulfill numerous brand-new characters.

GTA Online: The Contract release date

The Contract begins December 15 th 2021, in addition to a brand-new intriguing radio station. You need to confess, this is certainly more than we might have anticipated up until Rockstar and GTA Online for this holiday. The interest will, we hope, eventually settle.

source: gamesradar

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GTA Online: The Contract Trailer Featuring Franklin & Dr. Dre


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