New 2022 Peugeot e-Expert Hydrogen VAN Price, Specs

Peugeot’s very first production vehicle with hydrogen fuel cells revealed this summertime– the e-Expert Hydrogen shipment van– left the factory on December 13,2021 Peugeot hence turns into one of the very first makers to use an electrical variation in addition to internal combustion engines and electrical motors. run hydrogen fuel cells, in the business vehicle section.

2022 peugeot e-expert hydrogen van side view
New 2022 Peugeot e-Expert Hydrogen VAN (source: Peugeot)

Linda Jackson, CEO of Peugeot, stated: ” With the e-EXPERT Hydrogen, PEUGEOT is taking the lead in a future zero-emission innovation that is especially pertinent to the light business vehicle market: hydrogen electrical innovation enables extensive day-to-day usage without the requirement for charging, a definitive benefit for specialists who, in a single day, need to cover numerous hundred kilometres on the freeway and after that go into emission-restricted city locations. The hydrogen innovation established by Stellantis and carried out in our PEUGEOT e-Expert Hydrogen makes such usages possible.”

2022 peugeot e-expert hydrogen van Front side view
Peugeot e-Expert Hydrogen 2022 VAN (source: Peugeot)

Charging in 3 minutes

2022 Peugeot e-Expert Hydrogen VAN with fuel cells is defined by the combination of the “mid-power plug-in hydrogen fuel cell electrical” system into the engine compartment and chassis. The outcome is a shipment vehicle that ensures the very same stability, security and dexterity as the timeless electrical variation with no compromises in regards to freight volume, low center of mass.

As quickly as it got in production, e-Expert Hydrogen ended up being a brand-new sign of the “Extended power of option” technique, which offers each consumer a large range of engines to pick from. e-Expert Hydrogen is initially produced in France at the Hordain website, then processed in Rüsselsheim, Germany, at the Stellantis Group’s specialist center where they are dealing with the advancement of hydrogen innovation.

2022 Peugeot e-Expert Hydrogen VAN logo
2022 Peugeot e-Expert Hydrogen Logo (source: Peugeot)

The brand-new 2022 Peugeot e-Expert Hydrogen VAN Specifications:

  • the possibility of driving unrestricted ranges without CO2 emissions
  • possibility of filling the hydrogen tank in 3 minutes which accomplishes a series of 400 km according to the WLTP type-approval cycle (type-approval in development)
  • charging socket for high voltage battery
  • 2 lengths (Standard and Long) with the exact same load capability as the diesel variation and the electrical motor variation (with battery)
  • as much as 6.1 m ³ of freight volume
  • load up to 1000 kg
  • possibility of pulling as much as 1000 kg
  • adjusting to all roadway and freeway conditions, while reaching a leading speed of 130 km/ h.
2022 Peugeot e-Expert Hydrogen VAN charging station
2022 Peugeot e-Expert Hydrogen charging (source: Peugeot)

Hydrogen is now ending up being the primary pillar of the energy shift, which is validated by many worldwide jobs in the statement. In Europe, the environment is gradually developing, and financial investments by the European Clean Hydrogen Alliance to promote this technological service are approximated at around EUR60 billion.

Thanks to nationwide efforts, the variety of hydrogen filling stations in Europe is continuously increasing, and the PEUGEOT brand name is working straight with energy providers to use various service plans.

2022 Peugeot e-Expert Hydrogen expense

Expected rate for a brand-new 2022 Peugeot e-Expert Hydrogen VAN is around EUR35,000 or $40,000

Peugeot e-Expert Hydrogen 2022 release date

2022 Peugeot e-Expert Hydrogen VAN left the factory on December 13, 2021, bringing the producer into the circle of those who install this energy source in electrical lorries.

short article source: media.stellantis

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