Senators Asking Biden to Use The Defense Act to Accelerate Battery Materials Production

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United States Senators Are Calling For The Defense Act (PDA) to Be Used to Address The Supply Chain Crisis!

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Podcast– Senators Asking Biden to Use The Defense Act to Accelerate Battery Materials Production
  • Two of the 4 signatories to a letter sent out on Friday are Murkowski and Manchin.
  • Graphite, nickel, manganese, lithium, and cobalt are discussed in the letter.

United States Senators from both celebrations released a bipartisan letter to President Joe Biden on Friday afternoon, advising him to utilize the Defense Production Act (DPA) to accelerate the production of battery products needed to power electrical cars

According to the letter, which was signed by Republican Lisa Murkowski, Democrat Joe Manchin, Bill Cassidy, and James Risch, doing so would guarantee accountable mining and sourcing, which would enhance America’s crucial mineral supply chains. The letter comes simply 2 weeks after President Biden stated that the United States is aiming to increase domestic mining of unusual earth minerals.

As displayed in a copy of the letter, “in order to deal with the risks to our nationwide security, we respectfully ask for that you conjure up the Defense Production Act to accelerate domestic production of lithium-ion battery products, in specific nickel, graphite, cobalt, manganese, and lithium. As China controls both lithium and cobalt processing, our dependence on lithium and cobalt from foreign sources is increasing.”

Murkowski’s representative, Karina Borger, validated that the letter was sent to the White House. Letters left at the workplaces of other senators were not immediately returned.

According to the United States Geological Survey, China represented 78 percent of imports of unusual earth substances and metals into the United States in between 2017 and2020 The Demand for accountable mining and ethical sources of unusual earths is acquiring traction amongst Washington lawmakers, as the mining sector points out degrading working conditions, kid labor, corruption, and other concerns in numerous mining jurisdictions throughout the world.

Elon Musk, the Chief Executive Officer of Tesla Inc., has actually worried the requirement for eco-friendly metal mining for usage in his electrical vehicles

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