Sniper Elite 5 to be launched in 2022, platforms, rate

Everyone was questioning Is there gon na be a Sniper Elite 5? In the ocean of the provided video games at this month’s The Game Awards, a brand-new follow up to Sniper Elite has actually sneaked in.

Sniper Elite 5 to be released in 2022, platforms, price
Sniper Elite 5 video game (sourcE: Rebellion)

Sniper Elite 5 release date

The Sniper Elite 5 is coming for Xbox, PlayStation and PC at some point in2022 The brand-new follow up brings even much better and more practical gameplay, more intricate methods and a much better, more practical video camera. When it comes to the time in which the video game is set, Rebellion moved us from Italy in 1943 to France in 1944.

Sniper Elite 5 video game expense

There are still no main cost statement for the Sniper Elite 5 video game all we understand it will be readily available on Epic, Steam, Windows Store, Xbox Game Pass, for the PC, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 consoles. Anticipated cost around $40

You can see part of the action in the very first trailer listed below:


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