Technique video game Anno 1404: History Edition is shared free of charge

Ubisoft continues to contribute PC gamers for the business’s 35 th birthday. This time they are handing out the timeless technique video game Anno 1404: History Edition.

A good strategy game - Anno 1404: History Edition is shared for free
Anno 1404: History Edition– is shared totally free (source: Ubisoft)

After Assassin’s Creed Chronicles and Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory, Ubisoft has another present for its PC audience. They are handing out on the celebration of their 35 th birthday Anno 1404: History Edition. The video game is shared on the Ubisoft Connect platform, and you can include it to your collection at the most recent to December 14, 2021.

Anno 1404 is an exceptional RTS video game that concentrates on constructing settlements and beginning the economy, mainly through production and trade. Simply as the name recommends, the video game starts in the 15 th century, the period of colonization of the Eastern world and spice detection.

The History Edition variation that is shared consists of the primary video game and growth with Venice It is adjusted for modern-day systems and hardware, 4K resolution, numerous displays, and so on and consists of cooperative and competitive methods of playing in multiplayer.

You can sign up HERE for the totally free copy of Anno 1404: History Edition video game

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