Tesla Supercharger Station Nearby McDonald’s: Get a Big Mac While Charging

A surrounding McDonald’s is now supplying direct shipment to Tesla owners charging their electrical autos at a Tesla Supercharger station.

When brand-new charging stations are developed, operators aim to find them near centers that users might take pleasure in while their cars are charging.

Restrooms, cafe, and dining establishments are the main subjects of conversation.

Some EV owners have preferred charging stations based upon the centers offered along some popular paths with lots of charging stations.

On Highway 5 in between Los Angeles and the Bay Area, for instance, Tesla provides approximately 6 Supercharger stations within a one-charge range.

Tesla chauffeurs have a couple of options on where to stop if they have sufficient charge.

One of such stations is a fairly brand-new Tesla Supercharger in Firebaugh that boasts 56 stalls, making it among the biggest worldwide.

Around the charging station, there are a couple of locations to feed, consisting of a Little Caesars, a Subway, and a McDonald’s:

Get a Big Mac while charging at a Tesla Supercharger station
tesla supercharger map

Near brand-new Tesla Supercharger stations, a number of shop and dining establishment owners have actually skillfully taken advantage of the captive audience they have for a minimal time.

A good example might presently be discovered at this Tesla Supercharger near Firebaugh.
According to some Tesla owners, McDonald’s is now offering Tesla chauffeurs the alternative of having their food provided right to their vehicle while they charge:

” Recharge with McDonald’s as you charge your Tesla,” the lunch counter stated on an indication. Food is brought right to your charging station.”

It’s an unusual example of a Tesla-specific business found near a Supercharger station.

Tesla, on the other hand, has actually been talking about the possibility of providing more anemities.

Elon Musk, Tesla’s CEO, mentioned in 2018 that the business wishes to build a “old-school drive-in, roller skates, and rock dining establishment” at one of the business’s brand-new Tesla Supercharger websites in Los Angeles.

It was yet another Elon Musk idea that made you question if he was joking, however he wasn’t.

Tesla in fact sought for building allows for “a dining establishment and Supercharger station” in Santa Monica a couple of months later on.

The task was postponed for around 3 years till brand-new structure licenses were acquired early this year.

However, those modified styles did not consist of a dining establishment, nevertheless they did function among the world’s biggest Supercharger stations.

We presumed that the possibility of a Tesla dining establishment in the strategy was addressed that time, however Musk mentioned in April that he was still intending to open a “’50 s restaurant” at the website.

Tesla in fact submitted a hallmark for making use of its name in the dining establishment sector previously this month.

You may be able to get a hamburger at a Tesla dining establishment one day, however for now, it appears that you can purchase a Big Mac right at a Supercharger.


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