The game about pandemic and bloodsucker – Vampyr is shared for free

The latest gift from the Epic Games Store is Vampire – a vampire adventure from 2019, signed by the creators of Life is Strange games.

vampire game
Vampire game (source: Epic)

Until tomorrow, December 24, at 5 pm, you can add a very good action RPG to your collection of games on the Epic Games Store Vampire. It’s not exactly an old game either – it came out in 2019, and it’s kind of appropriate for this time because its action takes place during a pandemic. Not these current plagues, but the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic.

The main role in the game is played by doctor Jonathan Reid who likes to help people, but also them likes to nibble on his neck because he picked up the disease of vampirism somewhere. The inconvenience is that he has instincts that call him to bloodshed, but on the other hand it also has its advantages because the guy has different powers, such as invisibility.

The vampire is played from a third-person perspective and is not some terribly long game. You can have her finish in about 16-20 hours, but if you want to explore every corner, it can take twice as long.

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