Toyota and Lexus have actually revealed more than 15 electrical cars

Toyota and Lexus held a promo of more than 15 electrical cars today, as a statement for future all-electric designs of the 2 brand names.

bZ Small Crossover
Toyota bZ Small Crossover (source: Toyota)

Among the provided lorries are smaller sized city designs, vans, compact and big SUVs, limos, caravans, pickups and sports designs.

Compact Cruiser EV
Toyota Compact Cruiser EV (source: Toyota)
Toyota bZ SDN (source: Toyota)
Small SU EV
Toyota Small SU EV (source: Toyota)

The Japanese cars and truck maker state that they will provide 30 electrical Toyota and Lexus designs by 2030, which from that year these 2 brand names will offer about 3.5 million electrical lorries a year.

Crossover SUV
Toyota Crossover SUV (source: Toyota)
bZ Compact SUV
Toyota bZ Compact SUV (source: Toyota)
bZ Large SUV
Toyota bZ Large SUV (source: Toyota)

Among the electrical automobiles provided today are Toyota bZ Small Crossover, Compact Cruiser EV, bZ SDN, Small SU EV, Crossover SUV, bZ Compact SUV, bZ Large SUV, in addition to Toyota Micro Box and Mid Box vans.

Micro Box
Toyota Micro Box VAN (source: Toyota)
Mid Box
Toyota Mid Box VAN (source: Toyota)

To all this we must include the Toyota Sports EV and the Toyota Pickup Concept, which we blog about in unique texts.

Lexus Electrified Sedan
Lexus Electrified Sedan (source: Toyota)
Lexus Electrified SUV
Lexus Electrified SUV (source: Toyota)

Lexus includes the Electrified Sedan and Electrified SUV, along with 2 Shooting Brake lorries and a four-seater convertible.

Lexus Shooting Brake & Convertible
Lexus Shooting Brake & Convertible (source: Toyota)

Also, there are Lexus Electrified Sport and Lexus RZ 450 e, which have actually currently been gone over in unique posts.

It ought to be kept in mind that Toyota and Lexus did disappoint the interiors of these cars today, and no particular technical requirements were released other than for some information for Lexus Electrified Sport.

source: toyota

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