Unsafe mistake in the Mercedes MBUX system

Mercedes-Benz has actually exposed that in 227 S-Class and EQS designs, numerous functions and applications can be utilized while driving. As the MBUX system was not meant to work in this method, Mercedes provided the owners to make a correction.

Mercedes EQS, S-Class recall for dangerous MBUX system
Mercedes-Benz EQS, S-Class recall for unsafe MBUX system (source: Mercedes)

According to a file of the American Traffic Safety Administration/ NHTSA/, Mercedes released an examination in November 2021, after it was found on an internal vehicle in Germany that specific MBUX functions and applications were not shut off while driving, as it must be.

Mercedes EQS, S-Class recall for dangerous MBUX system
Mercedes EQS, S-Class recall for harmful MBUX system (source: Mercedes)

The examination developed that there are inaccurate setups on some servers in Mercedes-Benz which it is possible that they were set up in lorries with active and linked Mercedes me link accounts. This scenario postures a prospective security threat– not just for the driver who chooses to utilize particular applications while driving, however likewise for other roadway users. The danger is especially increased in the EQS design with its big MBUX hyperecreen that extends throughout the whole center console and on which active applications are definitely an interruption.

In the very same method that the issue reached the automobiles– by means of the Internet connection– it will be removed, so the owners will not need to come by the services. Mercedes stated it was not conscious that a minimum of one accident or injury had actually happened as an outcome of this mistake.

A comparable circumstance was just recently found in Tesla’s cars, so NHTSA called the business about the current software upgrade that enabled travelers (and possibly the driver) to play computer game on the main screen. The conversation on this scenario is still continuous.

source: motor1

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