Volkswagen needs to pay $ 3.5 million in Illinois claims

The “Volkswagen” American branch will pay 3.5 million dollars according to the claim of the federal state of Illinois versus the German cars and truck maker, due to the falsification of the outcomes on the tests of determining exhaust gases in diesel cars.

Last month, the United States Supreme Court turned down Volkswagen’s intent to prevent comparable claims by authorities in Utah, Florida and Ohio, looking for payment from the German cars and truck maker in connection with the exhaust scandal, reports Reuters.

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Volkswagen needs to pay $ 3.5 million in Illinois suits (source: VW)

Judges then decreased to hear appeals from Volkswagen and German carmaker Robert Bosch versus a lower court choice enabling Hillsborough County, Florida and Utah’s Salt Lake District to require that business abide by regional laws and policies forbiding unapproved emissions controls. vehicle exhaust.

The court likewise turned down the business’s appeal versus a comparable decision in a case started by the state of Ohio.

Volkswagen’s United States subsidiary declares that according to United States ecological law, just the federal government can submit such claims.

The business worried that it has actually currently reached a settlement of more than 20 billion dollars with the United States Environmental Protection Agency due to the scandal with gearing up diesel cars with software that allowed falsification of lead to exhaust gas measurement tests, which permitted extreme air contamination, customer scams and hurt their health.

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